Nov 23, 2016 08 00 PM EST

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being ​​ñ

Join us for a LIVE pay-per-view screening of "being ñ"! Join over a half a million people who have watched the trailer here

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being ​​ñ

Join us for a special LIVE ONLINE Pay Per View screening of our documentary film, “Being Ñ,” on Wednesday, November 23 at 8:00pm EST / 7:00pm CST / 6:00pm MST / 5:00pm PST. 

You’ll be able to view the film here:

and join our social media conversation with CoFounder, Denise Soler Cox after the film in our private FB group here:

Together, we will address the issues foremost on our minds and begin moving toward greater compassion and understanding. 

Whenever we get members of our community in a room magic happens and now, more than ever, we need authentic conversations that spark bold action in our lives with our families and in our communities.

"I enjoyed the honesty of the film. There is a vulnerability to Denise's story that is honest. When someone is honest and open you can see things you identify with and its contagious, you want to open up and share. I love this aspect of the film cause it doesn't just feel real, it is real." - Charles Carpenter, Denver, CO 

Our events are designed to get real, vulnerable conversations started. If we could, we'd pack everyone into one big room to see the film but instead we're going LIVE.

¨At the end of the day, whether you identify as an Enye or not, this documentary is about our connections with each other and the power of those connections to understand we are more connected than different.¨ - Alyssa Rutt, Program Coordinator, Iowa State University

As a cherished member of our community, we invite you to the first-ever live Pay Per View event of our film being ​ñ. And just b/c it's you, we’re hosting a live conversation immediately following with both Denise and Henry.
Please join us for this powerful night of healing and conversation.

¨People need to [watch this film] because in America today, we continue to struggle with accepting people who are different, whether they are different based on ethnicity or social status (rich/poor) or if they have an illness. By [watching], we begin to have the meaningful conversations that need to take place. Until we have these conversations on a consistent basis, true and lasting change will never take place.¨ - Mike Sancho, Indiantown Executive Director, Boys & Girls Club

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